A gaming wheel with a full six-speed gearbox?

May 15, 2006 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Technology, Video Games | 3 Comments

You read that right. Logitech are releasing a racing wheel for PC, the Logitech G25 with a full six-speed manual gearbox and clutch pedal.

It’s the most advanced gaming wheel ever made, you can even heel-and-toe downshift with it. Of course, it comes at a price… US$300. Apparently it’s also compatible with PS2. I assume you plug it in through USB, so here’s hoping it’ll be compatible with 360 as well, not that I have one, but it’d be cool. Forza Motorsport 2, I’m looking in your direction.

By the way, I was going to post this yesterday, but for some reason wordpress.com wasn’t letting me log in… I suppose it doesn’t really matter, noone reads this thing anyway šŸ˜›



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  1. what if im driving an 8spd bughatti veyron?

  2. shutup šŸ˜›

  3. ahaha pwned

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