May 3, 2006 at 2:05 am | Posted in Music, Technology | 6 Comments

I recently discovered a web service called Pandora. It’s currently the best way of discovering new music that I know of. How it works is, you type in the name of a band you like and it streams music in a similar style, by an assortment of artists. I’m just playing around with it now, so check it out for yourself and see what you think.



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  1. Impressive.

  2. best website i have seen all day! week infact…. maybe even month!

    (oh and count jake-ular smells like pilchards!)

  3. Very cool, been looking for something like this for a while now.

  4. well hello david, i see we meet again, and again and again. STOP STALKING ME! i asked me to write on ur blog so here i am, writing, well really typing as this is on computer, however i may be using my mind, or some other form of placing my ideas down onto wuteva i fancy to do that above mentioned thing. im confused and im writing this! okies, do u know that okies is close to cookies? and i use okies all the time, does that mean i use cookies all the time? perhaps, well g2g cause ur tlkn to me on msn, ill comment u l8, k bye

  5. AHAHAHAHA pilchards! :S

  6. well here i am again, commenting like i said i would as this is now l8 and not b4, both of which contain 1 consenent and 1 number, ok bak to the tpic at hand, but which hand is it, im not sure, right, left, far right left hand, wait, i dont have that hand :S or do i ;). so still enjoying the moon with its moon cows and moon berries. not sure what that has to do with nething but doesnt matter. i wonder if this will b as long as my first post, maybe, or maybe not….if a t-rex was around today would it b called a t-rex or something hipper with more attitude like ice-t-rex, well g2g, kthxbye, hahahahha stole ur thing, and im patent my idea for planes landing into the jellie and foam on the pasific, remember in class 2day? aye aye aye? well cya tomoro

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