people who say things when they have no idea what they’re talking about

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I was watching a video on Youtube today titled “Invisible Water Effect” and this video wasn’t explained very well in the title, but I remembered that I’d seen this exact same clip somewhere else. It was a clip from this video about Sulfur Hexafluoride, which is about 5.1 times denser than air. Anyway, so I posted something in a comment about how it’s Sulfur Hexafluoride and whatnot, and then I thought I’d have a look through the previous comments and I noticed that so many people tried and failed miserably to explain what was happening, and it just made me wonder, why do people say things when they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about? Anyway, that’s all. All this youtube stuff kind of makes me want to start posting videos of things. Also, yes I haven’t posted anything in a very long time, I know.

EDIT: I should have held out for two more days, it would have been a year :O


5 Tips to being more Photogenic

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Being one of those people who doesn’t always look good in photographs, I was particularly interested when I came across this article.

The five tips are:

1. If you are standing – turn slightly and rest your weight on one foot. It may feel goofy, but you will look better.

2. Lean slightly toward the camera

3. Learn how to change your state

4. Learn to ¾ smile

5. Look slightly above the lens.

If those tips don’t make sense then read the article, dang it! 😛

more japanese tv craziness

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this may just be the greatest random thing you ever did see. Algorithm March with ninjas for the win!

So I was taking a trip down Nostalgia Lane today…

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A rather pleasant day for it, too. As memories came flooding back of all of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, I wondered if anyone else watched the same shows, and what other shows can you remember watching back in the day?

It seems to me that a lot of today’s cartoons aren’t of the quality of even a decade ago. The likes of Duck Tales, Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, Widget: the World Watcher (by the way, did anyone else actually watch this show?), Talespin (couldn’t even remember the name of this one, had to google “higher for hire”, the only words I could remember from the show), Pinky and the Brain (narf!) and I’m sure there must be some others that I’m not remembering. Ah, good times. Does anyone else remember these shows? What else do you remember from when you were a kid?

Postpixel explode campaign

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greatest thread ever. is going down 😛 56k warning

PostPixel – help me explode the forum!

Edit: is a splode.

A helpful article on Haggling

June 15, 2006 at 4:27 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like haggling.  It just seems too confrontational.  But at the same time, everyone says it’s a great way to get bargains.  I recently happened to see this article and thought it seemed helpful for anyone who doesn’t know how to negotiate, but would like to.  It listed five lines that are helpful when haggling:

“Hmmm, I don’t know…”
“Help me spend my money here.”
“Your rivals can do it for less.”
“I feel like I was tricked.”
“But you broke your promise.”

See link for context and more details.

Japanese TV is the craziest and therefore best thing in the world.

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Japanese TV is crazy. Look at this, for example. Then there’s the j-pop (japanese pop), possibly a joint winner for best thing ever. And then there’s the game shows. Such crazy game shows. Japanese TV takes the win.

Cheaper PS3 not just a smaller Hard-drive

June 12, 2006 at 1:58 pm | Posted in Hardware, Technology, Video Games | Leave a comment

As you may know, Sony have announced two prices for their Playstation 3 console, $829AUD for the 20GB version and $999AUD for the 60GB version.  A lot to pay for a game console, but that’s for another discussion.  What Sony hasn’t been advertising is the other features which the cheaper PS3 will lack over the more expensive variant.  The 20GB version lacks support for Memory sticks, SD and Compact Flash cards, has no built in wi-fi and will have the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output removed.  So, what, you ask?  I don’t use memory sticks, I can settle for using a network cable instead of wireless, I don’t need a 60GB hard drive.  But the lack of HDMI support is the real big one which is going to cripple the cheaper system.

HDMI is required to run the PS3 at its highest resolution, 1080p (1920×1080 resolution).  Without an HDMI output, the cheaper PS3 will also be incompatible with the soon to be introduced copy protection system, HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).  So now, if I want a PS3 I have to pay $999 to get all of the standard features.  Great.  Makes me glad I’m a Nintendo fanboy :P.

Touch nanosensor zOmg.

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Scientists have developed a high resolution touch nanosensor… A thing that can sense things.

Made of incredibly thin layers of Gold (Au) and Cadmium Sulfide (CdS), seperated by equally thin layers of insulation, these nanosensors basically conform to the shape of the surface they're on, accurate to about 10 microns (10 millionths of a metre). An electrical current is then applied to the sensor, which makes it produce light, then, by the concentration of light or current in each area, the feel of the surface can be ascertained, which can be translated into a high resolution image of the surface. This could have application in cancer surgery, for example, when the surgeon does not want to cut too far, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to organs, but wants to completely get rid of the cancer. This nanosensor could be used to feel whether cancer cells are present.

Thanks to the chemical construction of the nanosensor, it is strong enough to hold together, but weak enough to be easily adjustable. It is also self-assembling at room temperature. Impressive.

The past is the future (of batteries)!

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A team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are redeveloping the capacitor to be better in most every way than the standard battery.  This new capacitor could be charged in seconds rather than hours, and would last much longer than standard batteries.  Problems with capacitors in the past have been due to their storage capacity being proportional to surface area.  This has been overcome by covering the electrodes in the battery with millions of tiny nanotubes, thereby increasing the surface area.  The article refers to a bath towel soaking up more water than a bed sheet due to it’s greater overall surface area.  A prototype is expected within the next few months.

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